We want to hear what you think of our plans to bring forward our integration into L&Q by a year.

We’ve written to residents to let you know that we plan to merge fully with L&Q next March to create one organisation. Since December we have been a subsidiary of the L&Q Group but have continued to exist as a separate organisation.

Becoming one organisation would mean we could avoid some of the doubling-up of services that we have now. We could achieve economies of scale and savings that we would reinvest into improving resident services and building more new homes.

Being part of the L&Q Group has already brought benefits to East Thames and our residents. It has meant that we are stronger financially and have been able to build more new homes. This is all while still working to provide quality services to residents.

Originally, we planned to merge fully by 2019, but we now think we should bring this forward by a year, to March 2018. This will increase the efficiencies we can make.

We consulted residents before we started this merger last year. You told us that more support for residents and improved value for money would be among the top benefits of a larger organisation. The availability of affordable homes to rent in the future was another theme residents thought was important.

Merging fully with L&Q would mean that East Thames would no longer exist and that L&Q would become your landlord. L&Q would be the name you would see on letters, rent statements and so on in future.

To have your say on our plans:

  • Fill out our online form
  • Email us
  • Call our customer contact centre on 0300 303 7333
  • Speak to your housing officer.

The consultation closes on 27 December 2017, so we need to have received your views by then to be able to take them into account.

Our board will decide early next year whether to go ahead with merging fully with L&Q by the end of March 2018.

Your questions answered
Would my rent or service charge change because of the merger?
No, they wouldn’t.

Would my tenancy agreement change?
No, it wouldn’t. You would keep all the rights you have now.

Would I need to sign something?
No, your landlord would become L&Q and you would be sent a notice confirming this.

Would I need to change how I pay my rent or service charge?
Yes, and L&Q would write to you to explain what to do to change how you pay.

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