With the colder weather on its way, there are some simple checks you can do to save you time and trouble when you need instant heat.

Nobody wants their central heating to break down. Sometimes parts like the heating pump can seize up because the system has not been used for many months. You can help to reduce the risk of this happening by turning on the heating for about five minutes a month during the summer.

While the heating is on you could also check that each radiator is warming up and that the boiler is not showing any signs of disrepair.

Sometimes the valves on your radiator may stick in the ‘off’ position when you try to turn them on. To avoid this, it is best to leave them in the ‘open’ position during the summer while your heating is turned off.

Get ready now

Here’s what our heating experts advise:

  • Use your heating for five minutes a month when you are not using it
  • Keep your thermostatic valves open when the heating is off for a long period
  • Make sure that all radiators are heating up as expected.